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Operating Hours

Monday Open 6pm - 2am

Tuesday Closed

Wednesday Open 6pm - 2am

Thursday Open 6pm - 2am

Friday Open 6pm - 2am

Saturday Open 6pm - 2am

Sunday Open 6pm - 2am

Private Event?

If you have an event and you need a venue reach out!

Private and public events welcome.


Nothing Fancy is an established Bar that aims to build community by providing drinks that bring people together and an atmosphere that is a hub for local entertainment. Our approach to delivering only the finest service to our customers starts and ends with our constant desire to exceed expectations. Come join us to see what we’re all about. Basically I liked what WIX auto generated and it was too late to fix it. A more accurate history coming soon!

The following are tag words used in a list: comedy, beer, bar, downtown, Toronto, cocktails, drinks.


Nothing Fancy is a local watering hole and comedy club. A comfortable and causal place to grab a drink and watch a show. While being a local watering hole Nothing Fancy is also a comedy club. I needed to sell drinks and Toronto comics needed a stage. For me, this symbiosis was inevitable. No better place in the city to catch a quick show with some of Canada's best comedic performers. It's downtown adjacent too.